What we do


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We, Ingrid van Gestel and Sinéad Daly, are two yoga teachers who have set up takeabreak4yoga as a convenient way to bring the wonderful health benefits of yoga into your company, in Amsterdam and surroundings.

For most employees and managers, life is stressful enough without having to make space for a yoga class in the very limited free time they have. If getting to your yoga class becomes another source of stress, then it defeats the whole purpose of yoga, which is to calm down, de-stress and energise the body and mind.

Our solution

We come to you! We offer an hour of corporate yoga involving stretching and strengthening exercises, mobilisation of the spine, breathing exercises and yoga postures focused on the specific problems caused by a sedentary work life.

In just one hour we will help your employees detoxify their bodies, reduce stress symptoms dramatically and gain relief from common complaints associated with long hours at the computer.

We have designed a tailor-made programme to combat carpal tunnel syndrome (RSI), lower and upper back problems while teaching breathing and concentration techniques to create more energy and mental clarity, increasing productivity and a positive outlook.

We generally offer classes in your company from 8 to 9am, 1 to 2pm or 5 to 6pm, but as yoga teachers we can be flexible!

The benefits of yoga in the workplace are now being recognised and studied all over the world. The Conference Board of Canada has calculated that for every dollar invested in yoga in the workplace, three dollars are made in cost savings due to reduction in sick days.

A 2014 study by ArboNed in the Netherlands shows that the average lost working time due to stress-related illness has increased from 24 days to 26 days per year and costs companies approximately €20.000 per employee per year. Company yoga can significantly decrease these costs.

Call us now and let us bring more wellness into your company today!